One last show before the big farewell After Alexandra Streliski39s

One last show before the big farewell: After Alexandra Stréliski's concert, Mélanie Lachance receives medical euthanasia – Le Journal de Québec

When they saw each other in a box at the Grand Théâtre de Québec on Thursday evening, Alexandra Stréliski and Mélanie Lachance fell into each other's arms.

“I felt your light,” confided the pianist to this 42-year-old mother, who will receive medical euthanasia on Saturday.

“It was a beautiful final show, a beautiful ending soundtrack,” replied the one sitting in the audience with about thirty members of her family and friends.

“It was a pleasure to do this for you,” Alexandra Stréliski added during this exchange captured by TVA Nouvelles.

“Music kept me alive”

What a touching and human story is that of this photographer, originally from Beauce!

Condemned by medicine after a second relapse of ovarian cancer, Mélanie Lachance decided to choose the time of her death in order to leave with gentleness and dignity.

From now until the big day, however, self-pity was out of the question. She spent her last year at full throttle making the most of her passion: watching shows.

She participated in the summer festival, Osheaga in a Wheelchair, at venues across Quebec. “Music kept me alive,” she said in an interview with TVA.

To the sound of Fanny Bloom

The music will accompany him until the end. When she breathes her last at around 1 p.m. on Saturday, surrounded by her two daughters, her lover and his daughter, a song by Fanny Bloom will be heard in the chalet, an artist to whom she listened a lot throughout this ordeal. She spent her last ones Hours.

“We will certainly scream our lives. At the same time, my body makes it very clear to me that it has to stop at some point,” emphasizes Mélanie Lachance.

Although her physical pain increases, that doesn't stop her from taking an admirable, positivistic look at what she's just been through. “I had the best year of my life, but also the most difficult. It went even better than I could have hoped.”

See life through his eyes

Mélanie Lachance will leave this earth by giving back. She agreed to donate her corneas to Héma-Québec.

“With everything I had, I didn’t really know what we could give. Finally, there is the cornea. Delivery will take place within the next 14 days. “It's still pretty concrete to know that someone else can benefit from it pretty quickly,” she says.

“My doctor told me: You have such a beautiful view of life. To believe that someone will see through your eyes, I'm glad these tissues can be donated.

This is how Mélanie Lachance will continue to brighten people's lives, even in a supposedly better world.