One of the worst pedophiles in Quebec He risks being

One of the worst pedophiles in Quebec: He risks being labeled a “dangerous offender” –

Three months after being convicted of reoffending, one of Quebec's worst pedophiles is now at risk of being locked up “indefinitely” as the Crown has just begun the process of having him declared a dangerous offender.

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“I announce that we are going to file a transfer request,” explained Me Jérôme Laflamme this Friday at the Montreal courthouse.

While this phrase may seem harmless, notorious pedophile Luc Because if this “release” is accepted, the pedophile will be assessed by experts who will assess his dangerousness, with the ultimate risk that he will arrive with almost zero chance of leaving the prison.

Child rape filmed

If the Crown called for such a measure, reserved for society's worst criminals, it was because the 50-year-old pedophile apparently had not learned his lesson after his first 15-year sentence in 2005.

Back then, this father shocked Quebec when he was arrested for the rape of his four-year-old child, which he filmed and then sold on the Internet. He also photographed her in various outfits, such as a wedding dress.

The investigation then revealed that the pedophile had conditioned his little girl to “use her body to gain affection” and that he was at the head of a network that sold images of babies in sexually explicit scenes.

He finds the pictures

But after his release from prison to a halfway house, Luc picked up the files. He had hidden the files in a GPS, but the device was discovered by the authorities.

“The device contained 1,263 files, including 1,013 files of child pornography,” judge Josée Bélanger declared him guilty of possession and distribution of child pornography, rejecting the pedophile’s claim that he had caught the wrong person.

And as Luc

As the defendants argue, there will be a debate on this issue in the coming weeks.

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