Only four Xbox exclusive games will be adapted for PS5 and

“Only” four Xbox-exclusive games will be adapted for PS5 and Nintendo Switch

“We made the decision to play four games [exclusifs de Xbox] To adapt to other consoles, there are only four games. » Phil Spencer, director of Microsoft's video game division, said in a highly anticipated gaming community podcast episode that aired Thursday afternoon.

Although it is impossible to know the names of the games selected, Phil Spencer nevertheless clarified that they are not Starfield, a successful title released in 2023, nor Indiana Jones the Great Circles, whose – highly anticipated – Publication is scheduled for December 2024.

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In a blog post published to coincide with the podcast episode, Xbox explains that these are games that will be offered to its players for at least a year, including hidden gems that deserve to be discovered on a larger scale, and Live -Service games for which the communities will benefit from the arrival of a larger number of people.

The company plans to provide further details on the affected titles shortly. Trade sites, including The Verge, report that Hi-Fi Rush will be involved.

By making these games available to more players, we not only increase the reach and impact of these titles, but also allow us to invest in future releases of these games or other items from our portfolio of original games.

Xbox still plans to offer games exclusive to its console, but Phil Spencer adds a nuance: I'm convinced that over the next five or ten years exclusive games, that is, games reserved for a single device, will represent an increasingly smaller share the industry.

Xbox does what it promises

Microsoft's October 2023 acquisition of giant Activision-Blizzard in a record $69 billion (C$94.3 billion) deal came with promises for gamers: Xbox has signed deals with Sony and Nintendo to retain certain of its games or to launch the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch consoles, including those of the Call of Duty series.

Xbox is keeping its promise to offer more games to more players around the world, the company said on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

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Diablo IV is coming to Game Pass

During the special episode of the Xbox podcast, the team also announced that Activision-Blizzard's Diablo IV game will be available on Game Pass, the company's cloud video game subscription.

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The game “Diablo IV” was released on June 6th.

Photo: Blizzard

Players can start playing this title on PC or Xbox starting March 28th.

The inclusion of video games from the giant Activision-Blizzard in a subscription service was also part of Microsoft's promise. Furthermore, Xbox states that this is just the beginning and that more announcements along these lines will be made soon.

Xbox President Sarah Bond also commented on the podcast episode, hinting that a hardware announcement would be made during the holiday season. “We're really focused on making the biggest technological breakthrough you've ever seen,” she said.