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Concern over mass exodus from Gaza: Egypt is building desert camps

According to a media report, Egypt is building a large reception camp in the desert, surrounded by high concrete walls, due to fears of a mass exodus from the Gaza Strip in the event of an Israeli ground offensive. in Rafah.

Tents for more than 100 thousand people

The camp, located near the border with Gaza in Egypt's Sinai desert, could accommodate more than 100,000 people in tents, the Wall Street Journal (“WSJ”) reported yesterday, citing Egyptian officials and security analysts.

For weeks, Egypt has been trying to increase security along the Gaza border with soldiers, fences and armored vehicles to prevent a mass exodus of desperate Palestinians to the Sinai Peninsula.

The planned camp is part of an emergency plan in case large numbers of Palestinians manage to escape.

The governor of Egypt's North Sinai region yesterday denied early reports of the construction of a potential refugee camp for Palestinians, saying activities in the area were part of an inventory of homes destroyed during Egypt's past military campaign against Islamic extremists. ISIS in the area. was said.

“WSJ”: Egypt wants to limit the number of refugees

According to the UN, around 1.3 million people live in Rafah. Most fled there from other parts of the Gaza Strip before the war, some on orders from the Israeli military.

In the event of a large exodus of Palestinians from Gaza, Egypt would ideally try to limit the number of refugees to about 50,000 to 60,000, although the new desert camp, covering about 20 square kilometers, could accommodate more than 100,000. reported the newspaper.