Xochitl reviews Alvaro Delgado who called him salesman

Xóchitl reviews Álvaro Delgado, who called him “salesman.”

Written in NATIONAL on February 15, 2024 · 4:29 p.m

The presidential candidate of the “Fuerza Corazón por México” alliance, Xochitl Galvezresponded to the statements of the Journalist Alvaro Delgadowho called her “Sell your homeland” and explained that he has two compasses that guide him: “my values ​​and my reality.”

During his conference entitled “Mañanera de la Verdad”, the Sin Embargo communicator asked the presidential candidate about her foreign trip, which included the United States, Spain and the Vatican.

About it, Slim crossed out Galvez to be one “Sell your homeland” for calling for the intervention of foreign states in matters that concern only Mexicans, recalling that “the conservatives made Emperor Maximilian of Habsburg rule Mexico.”

“All Mexicans who go abroad to call on foreign governments and organizations to intervene in matters that concern only Mexicans are called vendettas, not of today but of the last century, ancestors, especially when they were the conservatives who Maximilian,” he said.

And he concluded his statement by saying: “I ask you, do you think it is patriotic to go to the US State Department, to go to the OAS, to interfere in the affairs of the Mexicans?”

Immediately, Xochitl Galvez He took the comparison with Maximilian with humor and assured that he had two compasses: his values ​​and reality.

For this reason, he explained that his values ​​​​are to refer to democratic governments, emphasizing: “You will not see me inviting the Venezuelan government to Mexico, nor the Russian army after the invasion of Ukraine, nor the Cuban one Dictator who violates the human rights of the people living in Cuba.”

Likewise, he explained that his visit to US soil was due to the fact that it is our country's most important trading partner: “We are economically dependent on our exports, jobs in Mexico depend on the United States doing well and them Buy goods from us.”

Regarding his visit to the Organization of the United States (OAS), he reminded the journalist that election observation has always been carried out; However, he has already had a meeting with Guadalupe Taddei, presidential advisor of the National Electoral Institute (INE), who promised to implement a plan so that the June 2 elections are carried out with complete security and transparency.

“This does not mean selling countries, this does not mean that Morena is worried that they come to observe the electoral process when everything is fine, when the servants of the nation buy votes every day and you know this: this every day.” They go to homes and ask people to support their party or they take away social programs. The game before did that, they learned very well what they were complaining about,” said Xóchitl Gálvez.

He also made it clear that the only thing he wanted was “a clean, democratic and right election”; But I'm not a traitor.