outside or inside Where the stickers should be placed to

outside or inside? Where the stickers should be placed to protect the birds

Window stickers, which keep birds from flying into the glass, are most effective if they’re attached to the outside of the windowpane, according to a new study. If they’re stuck inside the glass, animals often can’t see them well enough, scientists at the William & Mary Institute for Integrative Conservation in Virginia wrote in the journal PeerJ.

often fatal

Very often, birds cannot properly identify the glass surfaces of buildings, and then fly into them – which sometimes ends fatally. Bird-shaped or patterned stickers on glass surfaces are intended to prevent this, but are often stuck inside for logistical and cost reasons. However, gluing them outside leads to a greater reduction in collisions and therefore also bird deaths, the scientists write.

on the outside

For the study, they tested various stickers and sheets. Very fine netting was used to ensure that no birds were harmed. “Many people want to avoid bird strikes with windows because these unfortunate occurrences kill millions of birds every year,” says author John Swaddle. “There are many decals and paints that can make glass surfaces more visible to birds and reduce the risk of collision. We showed that people need to put these decals and paint on the outside of their windows for the birds to benefit. “