The mother leaves the baby on the beach for coffee

The mother leaves the baby on the beach for coffee and the police are called

A baby was abandoned in his stroller on a deserted beach in Poland while his mother bought coffee. The case in the city of Kolorbrzeg has outraged residents of the region, who are awaiting the authorities’ outcome.

While walking along the seafront, a group of locals spotted a stroller near the shore. As they approached to see if it was empty, they were surprised by a small baby sleeping next to a note.

The message read: “Please do not approach, the child is sleeping”, and nothing else. Concerned, the group called the police.

Authorities searched the area and found that the woman had gone out to buy a coffee. When asked, the woman pretended not to understand the problem.

“The patrol dispatched found that the cart was indeed in a dangerous position by the sea. The lady was calm and showed no regrets, claiming that the child was not in danger because she could see the cart even in the restaurant,” said Arkadiusz Kowalski, chief of the Prevention Department of the Police Headquarters in Kolobrzeg.

After being verbally abused by the group that found the child and by the officers, the woman didn’t learn her lesson. When everyone had gone, she returned to the restaurant to buy more things, leaving the child alone again.

Kowalski assured that the mother’s carelessness will not go unpunished and that the incident has already been reported to the family court. “She doesn’t see that tragedy could have happened. A gust of wind could tip the cart over or the wave could carry it away,” he added.

Aside from the likelihood of the baby being distressed, falling or being injured, Europe is one of the continents with the highest rates of human trafficking in the world, with more than a third of the victims being children. The residents of the region are eagerly awaiting the measures to be taken.

*Internship at R7under the direction of Pablo Marques