PAHO asked countries to invest more in public health

PAHO asked countries to invest more in public health

Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Director Jarbas Barbosa today called for greater investment in the sector to guarantee healthcare systems better conditions to respond to any future health emergency.

During an event at Georgetown University, PAHO discussed the lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic and the actions that need to be taken to better prepare healthcare systems for future emergencies.

Barbosa asserted that despite the fact that some countries in America are allocating more resources, health spending remains below the recommended 6 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), which is reflected in health systems that are not adequately prepared for difficult situations in the future.

The head of the PAHO pointed out that there are setbacks in the fight against maternal mortality, in the treatment of cancer and other diseases, which are the main causes of death in the region.

He announced that a new instrument on pandemics would be endorsed at the World Health Assembly in 2024, giving countries the power to address challenges like those of Covid-19, including unequal access to protective equipment, staff, ventilators and vaccines.

He also specified that in the future the health and medical care system should no longer be governed by market rules, where rich countries would only have access to resources and inputs six or eight months later, but should behave in solidarity, principle that he is “One of the first victims of the pandemic.”

In the world there are at least 58 countries that have health expenditures of more than 6 percent of GDP.

“A universal and well-funded health care system based on primary care, where we can reduce out-of-pocket spending and address other barriers to entry, is the only way to ensure the right to health in our region,” concluded the director. from PAHO.