Palestinian children injured in Gaza arrive at hospitals in Italy

Palestinian children injured in Gaza arrive at hospitals in Italy

According to a Foreign Ministry statement published on the website of the Avvenire newspaper, Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani attended the reception at Ciampino International Airport in that capital and noted that “Italy continues to demonstrate in this way.” his solidarity with those who are certainly innocent victims.”

The minors who arrived in Rome last Monday at 9:30 p.m. local time will be treated in the main children's hospitals, including the Infant Jesus, in this capital, which will also be in charge of the initial reception and classification like the Gaslini of Genoa; the Rizzoli from Bologna and the Meyer from Florence.

Italy is the first European country to launch an international rescue operation for victims in Gaza, said General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo in statements to the media, who announced that the hospital ship Vulcano, which delivered aid, would return to this humanitarian country on January 31 will provide assistance and transport another 50 wounded infantrymen.

An airlift will begin in February to bring more Palestinian children hospitalized in Cairo, Egypt, to several Italian hospitals, Figliuolo said, assuring: “We will bring as many as possible.”

For her part, the Palestinian Ambassador to Italy, Abeer Odeh, expressed that she was touched by the greeting of these children, victims of Israel's brutal attacks on the Gaza Strip, where more than 26,000 people have died.

“We thank the Italian government for supporting our minors. We hope to welcome many more children,” said Odeh, who on January 25 called on Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to recognize Rome as a state, “a decision that we have been waiting for for many years.”

Odeh then expressed confidence that Italian authorities can “assess the extent of the crimes committed by Israel during its brutal aggression against the Gaza Strip, including the enormous pain inflicted on an innocent civilian population.”

“All of Italy knows that nothing can justify these horrors and the thousands of children who died under the bombs,” the ambassador said, adding: “The Italians also know that Palestine lives under occupation, into which a foreign army and illegal settlers invade.” 56 years.”