So that the snow stays longer and not just at

So that the snow stays longer, and not just at the top…

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On the Jakobshorn: There are many well-groomed slopes around Davos Klosters, but also a lot of deep snow.

Marketing Davos Klosters

World Economic Forum, winter sports, mountain air treatment: Davos has always been a pioneer.

The slopes are clear there on the Jakobshorn. Carve across the entire width, step out briefly into deep snow, jump over the edge, and return to prepared ground. Magnificent! Because there are only a few who can get in your way. A week before the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) – and especially during it – winter sports in Davos are a very relaxed pleasure in the sun's rays. First reason: even the world-famous Swiss ski resorts saw a small drop in January. Second reason: it's almost impossible to get a free room in the middle of Davos for the critical WEF week, which ended recently. But you can get there easily by train.

Modern, tall, flat

The fantastic view from the mountain station shows a grown-up city, the highest in Europe. Small, with around 11 thousand inhabitants, but with a very urban feel. This impression comes from the many flat roofs, as well as the practicality of the multi-story houses.

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