Paolo Bonolis surprises everyone quotI need a break If it

Paolo Bonolis surprises everyone: "I need a break. If it were up to me…" The weather

He had talked about it before, but perhaps no one had fully believed him. Paolo Bonolis, famous and esteemed television presenter, gave an interview to La Stampa and revealed: “A lot happens in June: even the desire to continue doing television,” he said. These words worried many fans. “If it were up to me, I would have left two years ago. I only continued because if I quit I would endanger the livelihoods of many people who work with me and have families. That's why I persevered. Only now have I.” “I'm really tired,” he continued sincerely.

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The reason for these statements? It was Paolo Bonolis himself who made it clear: “I have been doing Avanti un Altro for 13 years. I need new impulses, but I lack the space and energy to think of new projects. I feel the need for a break to once again work out my thoughts and my nature. Making television means knowing how to capture the spirit of the times, and I have to find myself in the spirit of that time: I have to understand what has become of me and whether I have something to say to this generation. Otherwise I risk being anachronistic when it comes to television. To do less than techetechetè not indefinitely, but it would mean continuing to look back: having a thousand pasts and no future.”

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Regarding the relationship with Mediaset, the presenter explained that the intention to leave television was only his decision. “It's me who refuses: I don't want to moderate other people's formats, but rather programs that I invent,” he said. Only one exception, the Sanremo Festival. “If I were to consider the idea, it would require a significant investment and an idea that 'eventizes' the event, that brings something to the Ariston that we cannot see on television all year round,” he explained.