Parking ban can be considered a criminal offense according to

Parking ban can be considered a criminal offense according to the Court of Cassation | Be careful, you are ruining your life for a parking space

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Very often, beliefs develop in the collective imagination, as in the case of an institution of great importance such as the Court of Cassation, which anticipates its features as those of an imperious and authoritarian giant.

There were once people who studied and defined the effectiveness of corporations and regulatory institutions Leviathans: exactly giants, titans unsurpassablewhose weight and whose Effects it was somehow finally. And it's not that it's that wrong.

Indeed, when it comes to that Court The Chamber of Cassation is defined as a real jurisprudential institution that has the power to establish, so to speak accuracy operational, interpretive and decision-relevant aspects Laws in force.

In the road sector too, everything that falls under the diverse and countless regulations or the different duties, constraints, rights and obligations applies: Bans And Impertinences that belong to the known traffic laws, There Cassation has a key role.

Whenever we are faced with a situation of doubt, anomaly or regulatory and legislative indecision, the Court of Cassation it brings order, it shows the “way”, literally: as happens, for example, in a concrete case.

Parking ban, what the Supreme Court imposes and what you risk

We talk about the topic Don't stop, one of the most discussed, one of the most controversial and in many cases controversial. It happens, for example, when someone is there park when confronted with a particular context, for example an area Private or a Condominium yard. In these cases there is a risk that criminal proceedings will arise.

That's right: according to the Court of Cassation, it is possible to get to the configuration of a crime and risk ruining it Life and that Call for a triviality Park. But when does that happen? What was clearly expressed among the many variants of abnormal and controversial parking was exactly the same Cassation.


A parking ban will result in a criminal complaint

Did you know that if park the car in front of an inner courtyard condominium or in front of one private parking space so as not to block the passage of the car allow you From input And go out, You risk a sample attempt criminal?

That's what she said Supreme Court, Exactly: what has also been discovered when you park very close to another car, Not so that the owner of it is able to input from that driver's side and at most one runs the same danger from the passing perspective, with a possible one Lawsuit for violation of private law.