PHOTOS Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones return to Honduras

PHOTOS: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones return to Honduras

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones And her husbandHe American actor Michael Douglas, They returned to Honduras to enjoy its natural beauty and also to talk about future projects.

That’s how he reported it Sterling Lucas, Councilor of the Municipality of Santos Guardiola (Bay Islands), in their social networks.

“I want to say thank you Michael and his wife and two children for inviting me to dinner and I want him to know that he is invited Santos Guardiola, and is keen to make development in Santos Guardiola“, wrote Sterling Lucas in their social networks.

In his publication, the politician added several photos in which he can be seen the famous Hollywood coupleand also with the two sons of Michael Douglas, Dylan and Cameron.

Enchanted by Honduras

It’s not the first time that both artists, Oscar winnerthey have visited Honduras.

Michael and Catherine In 2018 and 2019 they were amazed by the beauty and gastronomy that Honduras has to offer Actor expressed its charm for the natural beauty of Honduras in an interview at the 76th Golden Globe Awards 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

MichaelDouglas He responded to an Extra TV reporter who asked her, “Where did they go?” after his last vacation. ‘We followed Honduras and then to the Grenadines…to the top…We had a great time with our kids,” the actor replied at the time.

When the reporter told them, “I’ve never heard of this area, it must be exciting,” MichaelDouglas he replied with ‘absolutely beautiful’.


On the other hand, the desire MichaelDouglas from Invest in a tourist complex in the municipality of Santos Guardiola.

“He has visited the island four times as a tourist, but this time he came with a more professional and investment plan,” he told LA PRENSA Dino SilvestriGovernor of the Islas de la Bahía, in 2019.

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Douglas bought about 14 acres in Santos Guardiola, on the east side of the island of Roatan, four years ago.. He never said what his goal was, but on this trip he brought a team of tourism experts from Costa Rica to analyze the property he has and give him a suggestion on what to build there,” added the added island governor at that time.