Pig reacts to slaughter attempt and butcher dies in Hong

Pig reacts to slaughter attempt and butcher dies in Hong Kong

A butcher has died trying to slaughter a pig at a Hong Kong slaughterhouse. The case was made public by local authorities. The 61yearold worked at the Sheung Shui Slaughterhouse in the north of the city, near the border with mainland China.

According to CNN, last Friday (20) the butcher shot the animal with a stun gun to make it vulnerable and ready for slaughter. Within minutes, however, the pig regained consciousness and lunged at the man, throwing him to the ground.

The professional had a 40 cm long hatchet in his hand when he attacked. When he fell to the ground, he was injured by the sharp object and lost a lot of blood, police said.

Later, a colleague of the butcher entered the shop and found him unconscious, with the cleaver in his hand and a badly wounded left foot. He was taken to the nearest hospital but was pronounced dead by medical staff.

Although authorities have confirmed the man was attacked by the pig as he was about to kill it, investigations are yet to determine the butcher’s official cause of death.

A spokesman for the Hong Kong Department of Labor said in a press release that the investigation into the case is continuing. “The Department of Labor is saddened by this death and sends its deepest condolences to his family,” the statement said.

“We will complete the investigation as soon as possible to determine the cause of the accident and determine the responsibility of those responsible,” said a spokesman for the department.

Hong Kong authorities have also not released any information about what happened to the pig.