Study Speed ​​limit on motorways saves more CO2 than

Study: Speed ​​limit on motorways saves more CO2 than expected

Save 47 million tons of CO2

If implemented from 2024 onwards, Tempo 120 on federal highways and Tempo 80 on non-urban roads could save a total of around 47 million tons of CO2 equivalents by 2030, calculated the UBA. The economy has not solved climate challenges in transport, “but they are no small feat”, he emphasized. UBA President Dirk Messner.

To achieve the same reduction in the speed limit, an additional three million purely electric vehicles would have to be on German roads at average mileage, explained the president of the UBA. If the purchase is dated environmental bonus would have been financed, that would have more than 13 billion euros in costs for the State caused.

Messner emphasized that the measures taken so far by the federal government are not enough to meet mandatory annual targets for traffic under the Climate Protection Act. The annual targets lost in traffic add up to 271 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents by 2030.