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Piqué arrives at Shakira’s house and they pull out their suitcases with everything and the police present

It appears that Telling Piqué his truths worked very well Shakirahas positioned himself at the forefront of digital reproduction since his most recent song, Session 53 with BizarrapFor this reason, dozens of people come to her house every day to congratulate her and share this success, in addition to celebrating 10 years of Milan.

But amidst the uproar that fans staged on the fringes of the Colombian home, The former soccer player drove to his family’s home to pick up his children Milan and Sasha, fulfilling the custody they agreed upon meeting a few months ago.

The police had to come to control the chaos on the outskirts of Shakira's homeThe police had to come to check the zafarrancho on the outskirts of Shakira’s home, La Mesa Caliente

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Everything indicates that Shakira didn’t want to see her ex-partner’s face, so the house staff was tasked with taking the suitcases to the Spaniardwho didn’t even get out of his truck and was given what many believed to be the clothes he was missing while the police were there trying to scare off the people who were making a tremendous noise.

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And while dozens of Shakira fans were celebrating their success and the birthday of one of their little ones, and the Colombian came out to thank them, Piqué was present shortly after and the patrols were by his side, but the ex-Barcelona footballer had to wait a long time outside the gates of his home while the press recorded his every move.

Staff at Shakira's home took Piqué's suitcases, which appeared to be his children's clothesShakira’s servants took away Piqué’s suitcases, which appeared to be his La Mesa Caliente childhood clothes

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This, they say, was one of the Catalan’s complaints as he had to stay on the streets waiting for the Colombian artist to decide to hand over his children to him. But it has been revealed in various media in Barcelona that those suitcases that they put in the trunk are where their little ones keep their clothes and other things to be able to live with their father, who incidentally had a face of few friends.

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