Pique mocks Shakira and reacts to her exs pinpricks on

Piqué mocks Shakira and reacts to her ex’s pinpricks on a TV show

At the start of the course, the 45yearold Colombian mentions the word pique, which can mean “to burn” in one of the Spanish translations, referring to a female face that was recently seen next to the athlete. A few months after the divorce was announced, Piqué, 35, fell in love with Clara Chía, a public relations student who is just 22 years old.

But the former athlete did not let the provocation come cheap. Piqué poked fun at Shakira’s new hit and reacted to her ex’s pins on TV. This Friday (13th), he announced that his new project, the Kings League sports competition, is sponsored by the watch brand, which compared the Colombian to Clara Chía, the star’s new girlfriend.

In “Shakira Bzrp Music Sessions 53” Shakira sings: “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded in a Rolex for a Casio.” The Colombian diva still references her exhusband’s new lover at other times. “I’m worth more than two out of 22 (Clara is 23),” she sings in another verse.

At a Kings League live, Piqué appeared with a Casio watch and ironically announced the news: “We have an agreement with Casio, the Kings League have reached an agreement with Casio. Casio gave us watches,” explained Shakira’s ex, while delivering watches to all the presenters and showing off the accessories for the cameras. One of the guests of the live was also asked why Piqué closed the sponsorship with the brand. “Because of Shakira,” the boy mused categorically, while the star’s exhusband chuckled.