Prince Harry claims hes taken all the really embarrassing stuff

Prince Harry claims he’s taken all the really embarrassing stuff out of his memoir

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In the News Today “It’s hard to believe a man who won’t stop talking about his frozen penis”: Prince Harry gave an interview this weekend in which he explained that his new memoir Spare has been heavily edited to Remove material that was deemed too embarrassing for the British royal family to accept.

Which, again, might come across as somewhat surprising: Spare is essentially the season’s literary surplus, including descriptions of Harry’s negative assessments of his family (including his stepmother, newly crowned Queen Consort Camilla) and an accusation that his brother William attacked him during an argument about Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle physically.

And apparently that’s the version with all the juicy stuff cut out. In another of his many interviews about the book, Harry told The Daily Telegraph this week that he had to cut out half of the book’s original content, saying: “It was 800 pages and now it’s only 400 pages. It could have been two books, to put it that way. And the hard part was taking things out.” That is, he apparently edited out all the parts from the book that he thought his father and brother “didn’t want the world to know” because “I don’t think that they would ever forgive me”.

Which again: This is a book in which Harry essentially accuses his closest family members of being threatened by his marriage and regularly deliberately sabotaging him and his wife. It’s hard to imagine what would be excised as Spare includes, for example, descriptions of William encouraging Harry to wear the infamous Nazi Halloween costume when he was 20, as well as all the possible implications that King Charles and William now have They both used the press to smear Harry every time he tried to talk about the troubles in their relationships.

Despite this, Harry says he cut out all the really damn stuff because “this isn’t about overthrowing the monarchy, it’s about saving it from itself.” Amazon bookstore list. Imagine where it would be if it had the really juicy stuff.

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