Pope Gender ideology erases humanity

Pope: Gender ideology “erases humanity”

Pope Francis condemned “gender ideology”. The forum for this was a conference titled “Man-Woman Image of God. For an anthropology of vocations” this Friday.

“It is very important that there is this meeting, this meeting between men and women, because the ugliest danger today is gender ideology, which eliminates differences”, warned the Pope. Francisco said he called for studies on “this ugly ideology of our time that erases differences and equalizes everything; Erasing differences is erasing humanity.”

Pope's book tip

The church leader invited those present to read the 1907 novel “Lord of the World”, by Catholic priest Robert Hugh Benson, son of the Anglican archbishop of Canterbury. “The novel talks about the future and is prophetic because it shows this tendency to erase all differences,” said the Pope.

Academic discussion about vocations is important

In the text prepared for those present, which was read by an employee of the Secretariat of State because the Pope had the flu, Francis emphasized the importance of beginning to reflect on vocations in the Church and society at an academic level. The anthropological dimension of vocations must be highlighted, which is based on the “elementary and fundamental truth” that all “human life is a vocation”.

This discovery takes us out of the isolation of a self-centered self and allows us to see ourselves as an identity in relationship. “I exist and live in relationship with those who gave birth to me, with the reality that transcends me, with others and with the world that surrounds me, in relation to which I am called to a specific and personal mission with joy and responsibility to assume”, says the Pope's text.

Pope: “Do not suppress healthy inner tension”

In the current cultural context, there is sometimes a tendency to forget or obscure this reality, “running the risk of reducing man only to his material needs or his primary demands, as if he were an object without consciousness or will, simply absent from life , is transported as part of a mechanical transmission.” In this sense, the Pope recommends in his text not to suppress the “healthy inner tension” that each person has within themselves, but rather to respond to the call “to happiness, to the fullness of life, to something great for which God has destined us”, Next.

“Awakening this hope and placing oneself at the service of the Kingdom of God to build an open and fraternal world is a task entrusted to every woman and man of our time”, concluded the Pope’s text.

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