Production of If We Still Loved Each Other Is Trying

Production of ‘If We Still Loved Each Other’ Is Trying Anything To Convince Couples To Sign Up For Season 2 –

The production of If We Still Loved Each Other is currently seeking candidates for a second season. She goes to great lengths to convince new couples to sign up for the adventure.

In addition to a video in which Louise Sigouin invites those interested to participate in the project, this week we were able to discover a video by the content producer Marie-Hélène Poirier on the show’s Facebook page. Here it is mentioned that you want to give the production a “face”. ‘, knowing that a project like ‘If We Still Loved Each Other’ ‘can be scary’.

In fact, since the beginning of the season, the comments on the social networks have been quite violent towards the participants, which could well put off interested candidates.

The producer also clarifies that couples don’t necessarily have to be “in a crisis or about to break up.” “Everything is the same,” she says. Marie-Hélène Poirier will be happy to answer any questions from potential future participants. She gives her email address in the post at the bottom of the article.

All of this leads us to suspect that corresponding registrations for Season 2 will be lower than expected.

In addition, under Ms Poirier’s video, many people admit that they would find it difficult to expose the flaws in their relationship on television.

Despite everything, we are fundamentally convinced that it can make sense if we still love each other. Many viewers recognize themselves in the participants and Louise Sigouin’s tips can undoubtedly be useful for them too.

Remember that this week a first couple left the adventure. All details here.