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Protect the information you share on your iPhone with Security Control

Published on February 27, 2024 Vincent Paquette

In the iPhone and iPad security and privacy options, Apple provides an option called: Security Control? What is this option? This is an area where you can review, control and revoke the data you share with people or applications. We will explain how to access this feature to increase the security of your Apple device.

Regardless of whether we own an iPhone or an iPad, we are always asked to share some of our information.

Obviously, there are applications that require certain permissions from us in order to properly use their functionalities. Like the application: Maps that needs our location.

But there are also our loved ones who can ask us to do this. Whether it's sharing our calendar, notes and passwords or even our location.

Unfortunately, if our situation with a person with whom we have shared all this access becomes toxic, it can become difficult to regain control.

The same goes for applications where we hit “accept” too often before actually bothering to read the permissions we’re requesting.

Therefore, to make it easier to manage this data exchange, Apple offers the “Security Control” function.

What is the security control option on iPhone and iPad?

Introduced in iOS 16, the Security Controls option for iPhone and iPad is an area where you can manage all the data and information you share with people or applications.

For example, we can revoke our former spouse's access to our location. Or remove access to our photo camera from an application.

Which data can be checked with the security check?

By going through the security check of our iPhone or iPad we can control:

  • Our position
  • Our shared notes
  • Our physical activities
  • Our shared calendars
  • Our health information
  • Our shared photo albums
  • Our passwords were shared via Trousseau
  • Our home automation devices in the app: Home
  • The companion function in messages

What information can be checked with the security check?

In particular, regarding the permissions and information we grant to our applications, we may manage:

  • Health
  • Pictures
  • contacts
  • Bluetooth
  • Research
  • calendar
  • microphone
  • Local network
  • camera
  • Data and folders
  • Movements and form
  • Location service
  • voice recognition
  • Media data and Apple Music

How do you access Security Check on your iPhone or iPad?

To access Security Control, our device must be linked to our Apple ID. You must also have double authentication enabled on your Apple ID.

If you meet these conditions, you can access the security check as follows:

  • Open the app: Settings
  • Go to tab: Privacy and security
  • Scroll down
  • To move on: Security check

  • How to access Security Check on your iPhone or iPad.How to access Security Check on your iPhone or iPad. Photo credit: francoischarron.com

    How do we manage access to our data with security controls?

    Then we have to press: Manage sharing and access to initiate the three-step process.

    The first step is to manage the information we share with people.

    We will see exactly what information we pass on and, above all, to whom. We can then revoke everything.

    In the second step we can see the permissions that we grant to our different applications.

    Here too it is the same principle. We see the list of our applications as well as the permissions granted to them on our device. We can then select each application and revoke the permissions that we no longer want them to have access to.

    Finally, in the third step we can change or add an SOS emergency contact in case of a health problem.