Putin says Russia should consider NATO nuclear arsenal

Putin says Russia should consider NATO nuclear arsenal

The Russian President said that by supplying arms to Ukraine, the military alliance is taking part in the war and the “crimes of the Kiev regime”.


Russian President Vladimir Putin said this Sunday (February 26, 2023) that the Kremlin should not only consider the nuclear contingent of the USA, but also that of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). The information comes from the Russian news agency Tass.

The remarks were made in a TV program on Russia’s state broadcaster Rossiya1. For Putin, the main goal of the military alliance is the strategic defeat of Moscow in the war with Ukraine.

“In today’s conditions, when all major NATO countries have announced our strategic defeat as their main goal, […] How can we not take into account its nuclear potential?” said the Russian leader.

Putin also said that by funding Kiev with arms, NATO is confirming its participation in the conflict as the alliance is not getting anything in return.

“She [Otan] Deliver arms worth tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine. In a way, this is participation. Why? Because it’s not just militarytechnical cooperation, because they don’t get money for it,” said the Russian President.

The Russian head of state also stated that the arms deliveries were unilateral, testifying to NATO’s involvement, albeit indirect, “in the crimes of the Kiev regime.”

Putin said the West aims to end the Russian Federation. “They aim to liquidate the former Soviet Union and its main part, the Russian Federation. And later they will probably include us in the socalled “family of civilized peoples,” but only in parts, each part separately. For what? To master these parts and get them under your control,” the Russian leader said.

He also stated that if the western part manages to “dissolve the Russian Federation” and “take over its fragments”, the Russian population may not survive. The President compared the situation to Muscovites, Urals and “other (ethnic) remnants”.