Quebec capitals hot sticks to start the season

Quebec capitals: “hot” sticks to start the season

Judging by the result of their last preseason game, the Capitales de Quebec can go on the offensive and hope to retain their title as Frontier League champions in 2023.

Before starting their season with a stint at the Lake Erie Crushers on Friday, the Capitals scored 19 points in a one-sided game against the Titans on Wednesday night in Ottawa. After five sets it was already 18:0… Quebec won 19:2.

“I’m glad we made it [le calendrier préparatoire] “A good grade,” commented Capitals manager Patrick Scalabrini on Thursday. In the previous two games we hadn’t performed as well and I wasn’t in a good mood.

New signing Ryan Roell was one who helped put a smile on Scalabrini’s face by notching two grand slams for eight RBIs on Wednesday.

“Roell came to the camp to fight for a position and he scored four Grand Slams in six preseason games,” the manager said. We’ll wait a little longer before we get too excited, but let’s just say he really won his position in the team.

Pete TagoSpin Ace

While the Capitals’ attack is going well, Scalabrini is also confident about the starter rotation. If Quebec’s line-up is still awaiting the arrival of Steven Fuentes due to his visa, it’s Californian Pete Tago who represents the ace of the hill.

Good news for Quebec fans, Tago is entitled to a shortened start on Friday against the Crushers, allowing him to start the local opener on Tuesday, May 16 at the Stade Canac.

“Tago is a veteran who plays in every minor league and in independent baseball,” Scalabrini said of the 30-year-old right-hander. He has a good fastball and a 12-6 turn that he handles very well.

An Ogilthorpe look

Ahead of the local opener in Quebec, Carlos Sano and Landon Leach will also have some action in Ohio as they will start on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

As well as some familiar faces including Quebecers David Glaude, Jonathan Lacroix and Marc-Antoine Lebreux, fans can also spot several new faces at the Stade Canac next week. There’s Juremi Profar, but also… Roell, who physically resembles the character Ogie Ogilthorpe from the legendary film Slap Shot.

  • The Trois-Rivières Aigles also start their regular season on Friday. For their part, they are away for the first nine games of the season, first against the ValleyCats of Tri-City. The local opening in Trois-Rivières is scheduled for Tuesday 23 May.

The stopwatch comes in Frontier League

As in Major League Baseball, a timer for pitchers and batters will also be available in Frontier League 2023. This is an important change for the players, but also for the Capitals manager Patrick Scalabrini.

“I’m still mixed with it, I like it when it’s done quickly and avoiding the possibility of silliness. At the same time, it takes away a bit of the magic of baseball to have a face,” Scalabrini summarized.

Patrick Scalabrini, manager of the Capitales de Québec, during the preparation calendar for the upcoming 2023 season.

Christian Gingras / Capitals of Quebec

Patrick Scalabrini, manager of the Capitales de Québec, during the preparation calendar for the upcoming 2023 season.

“I really like baseball and in that sense I didn’t really want the games to be cut short,” he added. But for the fan, this is certainly good news. It brings rhythm!”

The Capitals could only test the clock once during preseason, on Wednesday night in Ottawa, with a 19-2 win.

“In the first two weeks of the season, the teams are entitled to warnings, but after that the regulations apply,” said Scalabrini.

Faster than Major League Baseball

The rules are even stricter than in Major League Baseball. Thus, 14 instead of 15 seconds are allowed between each shot when there is no runner on the course. We’re going to 18 seconds (instead of 20 in major league baseball) with at least one player on the cushions. The dough must be ready when there are nine seconds left on the clock.

Scalabrini believes some players’ mental side will be tested.

“It could be difficult for a young pitcher if he loses the strike zone,” he pointed out as an example. With the stopwatch, it might be difficult to refocus when it starts spinning in his head.