Media concentration affects democracy says Atilio Boron

Radicals want to end the Plurinational State of Bolivia

“The social and popular bloc cannot be distracted and look beyond because these lords of radicalism, of violence, work every day to cloak themselves in those ever-dreamy words: freedom, democracy and justice, because they come for political power , they came to put an end to the Plurinational State of Bolivia,” he said.

In an interview with Radio Kawsachun Coca, Richter added that this attitude means a rejection of inclusion.

The spokesman stated that these criteria are consistent with the Pro Santa Cruz Committee’s recent subpoena to promote a referendum to remove President Luis Arce’s mandate if he does not grant amnesty to Santa Cruz Gov. Fernando Camacho, in 30 days in custody charged with terrorism in the case of coup 1.

According to Richter, the Cruceño Committee knows that its demands are unenforceable and that it will not win an eventual referendum to revoke the mandate because its aim is “to have the population ready” to create the conditions it wants enable to seize power. , as it happened in 2019″.

These revolts led to the resignation of former President Evo Morales and the installation of second former Senate Vice President Jeanine Añez as de facto President.

Richter pointed out that in order to achieve this goal, Santa Cruz power groups, with greater power than in 2019, assembled a range of supports and supports from social networks, synchronized involvement between political actors, Santa Cruz’s business oligarchy and business media companies and the leadership of the church.

Richter argued that if they returned to power, they would repeat what Áñez and her team in the de facto government did by liberalizing exports without considering the domestic market.

He commented that they would also leave the Sacaba and Senkata massacres with impunity, which left more than twenty people dead from gunshot wounds, ending social inclusion and devastating the state.

Stressing that the social, political and popular movement, if it knows how to maintain its unity, will again defeat the radical sectors in 2025, the spokesman insisted that this is the answer to the violence and hatred that the right wing used in Bolivia.

“If unity has made it possible to achieve the Plurinational State, it is unity that will preserve the Plurinational State, that will happen (…)”, he concluded.