Salma Hayek ups the temperature with transparencies revealing her beauty

Salma Hayek ups the temperature with transparencies revealing her beauty at 56

Salma Hayek is undoubtedly the undisputed synonym of beauty in the entertainment world. The beautiful Mexican is one of the most beautiful actresses on the big screen and once she returns to the theaters to shine with her beauty. Salma Hayek She is in one of her best times and she is already 56 years old, although her beauty is still hard to compare. The actress trembled social media with a beautiful dress with transparencies to attend an event dedicated to the film “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” where she will attend with the star of the film channing tatum.

Channing Tatum stars in this film in which he plays a stripper dancer and in this latest installment in the saga his co-star will be nothing more and nothing less than the beauty Salma Hayek how much in it social media As in real life, she is considered one of the femme fatales of the entertainment world who, despite the passage of time, continues to leave everyone breathless for her incredible sensuality and beauty that accompanies her enormous talent.

In your social media, Salma Hayek He posted some snaps and a small video of his arrival at the event to promote the new film which the Mexican is starring in channing tatum You will burn the screen. This film has not yet been released in theaters, but apparently there is very little left for us to see both actors sharing a scene in one of the films that marked the career of the young actor, also known as one of the most attractive People in Hollywood is credited to his impressive physique and graceful face.

In the video that the new partner of channing tatum on the screen, posted on his social media we see Salma Hayek in front of a mirror retouching her impressive appearance. This time Salma Hayek She chose a daring dress with transparencies since all the material is a lattice resembling a net and adorned with huge flowers of different colors. You can see it under the dress Salma Hayek She wore a black top and shorts that left the rest of her body transparent parts that she didn’t find covered.

The avant premiere of the film that will meet channing tatum Y Salma Hayek on screen was in Miami Beach and there were many guests who didn’t pass up the opportunity to take photos Salma Hayek in her beautiful dress made of banners and flowers. The Mexican was once again the focus of positive comments in the social media Because both in its release and in the replicas of its fans, it received all the compliments for its spectacular figure and its always trendy style.

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Source: Instagram Salma Hayek