1704256534 Reacher and Shooter or violence as the only solution

“Reacher” and “Shooter” or violence as the only solution

Reacher and Shooter or violence as the only solution

In the times of Putin and Netanyahu, and not to mention the fascist outbreak in which a Pedro Sánchez doll was beaten at a demonstration on Ferraz Street in Madrid, television channels and platforms could not benefit from this already traditional custom refrain from praising violence as a solution to solving problems or reporting in detail, almost with joy, about all the evils and hardships that man is capable of.

The second season of Reacher (Prime Video), with the formal packaging of a thriller in which the protagonist and his team take revenge on those who murdered some of his companions, is actually a hymn to the Mamporros, death and torture in the World saints are barely distinguished from sinners, with the ambiguity that characterizes certain popular parties allied with the far right, eager to win the vote of voters who in other elections have succeeded in electing a thief like Donald Trump to the presidency raise.

Regarding the two seasons of Shooter on Netflix, suffice it to say that the protagonist is a former marine who was awarded the most effective sniper, i.e. is forced back into action after attempting to thwart an attack on the president, an attack that is transformed into a series of attempts to kill him and his family by an evil Chechen who is actually the armed wing of an American businessman is for whom greed is your only guide. Of course, all of the protagonists in this series, who imagine the world with Manichean clarity, triumph in their efforts to save the world.

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