Remake of Renascer transforms Ritinha to explore a forgotten theme

Remake of Renascer transforms Ritinha to explore a forgotten theme 1993 · TV

Ritinha (Mell Muzzillo) is probably one of the characters who underwent the most changes in the Renascer remake. The young woman, played by Isabel Fillardis in 1993, came to give more prominence to the theme of the original peoples which was even explored by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, although not exactly in the first version of Globo's nine o'clock soap opera.

Bruno Luperi had already started discussing the issue when he cast Adanilo for the role of Deocletian in the first phase. The actor even told us about it TV news whose mission was to honor the enchanted people of Brazilian folklore and culture, as well as their indigenous ancestors.

This movement continued with the casting of Mac Suara in the role of Chico das Mortes, Ritinha's father, previously played by Grande Othello (19151993). The series therefore covers a small part of the large presence of indigenous peoples in southern Bahia, which serves as the setting for the story.

These groups, such as the Pataxó and Tupinambá, were brutally attacked and driven off their land to grow cocoa trees in the region. A day before the premiere of Renascer, a Pataxó woman was murdered in Potiraguá (BA) after farmers attempted to evict indigenous peoples occupying a farm in the region.

Another interesting point in the series is Chico's relationship with Ritinha's mother Inácia (Edvana Carvalho), which indirectly addresses the relationship between indigenous and quilombola communities in southern Bahia.

Sexuality too

A change in Zinha (Samantha Jones) also directly affects Ritinha, as their characters were involved in the original version. However, José Pedro's (Juan Paiva) best friend in 1993 was not a woman but Zinho (Cosme dos Santos).

A possible romantic relationship between them would also raise another issue, that of bisexuality. Finally, Inácia's daughter exchanged kisses with Damião (shaman) in the last chapters the most intimate ones.

Renascer was written and created by author Benedito Ruy Barbosa. The first version was broadcast on Globo in 1993. Bruno Luperi is the writer's grandson and is responsible for the adaptation of the rural saga, which premiered in prime time in January. The remake will air until September.

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