28 Years Without Mamonas Assassinas How the Band39s Hit Conquered

Remembering Mamonas Assassinas: How Their Music Still Resonates Across Brazil After 28 Years

March 2, 1996 marks a turning point in the history of Brazilian music. The plane crash that destroyed the successful career of Mamonas Assassinas celebrates its 28th birthday this Saturday. The band's legacy remains alive in the memories and hearts of fans, family members and even supporters across Brazil. The parody of the hit Pelados em Santos, created in the bars around BeiraRio in 2008, reached unmistakable proportions. The composition still moves Seu Ito, father of two members of the group, to this day.

Inter fans sing the “Red Shirt” by Mamonas Assassinas

On the way from Brasília to Guarulhos, the band's jet crashed into the Serra da Cantaneira in São Paulo shortly before landing. Dinho, singer, Bento Hinoto, guitarist, Sérgio Reoli, drummer, Júlio Rasec, keyboardist, and Samuel Reoli, bassist, as well as the staff and pilots did not survive.

The Mamonas mixed heavy rock, heavy metal and references to popular culture with a generous dose of humor. The quintet recorded just one album and sold 1.8 million records while on the road for seven months. The success transcended pop culture and became an anthem in the Brazilian stands.

Ito Reoli, father of Sérgio and Samuel Reoli from Mamonas Assassinas, sings Camisa Vermelha

The relationship between the Mamonas heritage and football began around 16 years ago near the old BeiraRio. The story began in Moacir's bar. The unpretentious whistle and dream of Macarrão, a Colorado figure well known among visitors to the room, were the starting point.

Members of the Volksgarde, Inter's main organized fan base, listened carefully to the melody sung by their friend, picked up their instruments and “traveled” to the beat. An idea would suddenly appear by chance.

Killer Mamonas Death (1996)

Endrigo Giacomin, one of the band's composers, took two weeks to write the lyrics for Minha Camisa Vermelha, the most popular song sung in Gigante to date. The music's “breakthrough” occurred in 2009. Both Macarrão and Endrigo no longer participate in the organization's daily activities.

Endrigo was the guy who composed the music. But first comes the story of Macarrão. He was a regular at Korea (a popular place in old BeiraRio), a friend of ours since the beginning of Popular, one of the founders. Macarrão was a figure who was there like Tim Maia. He spent the whole day in BeiraRio drinking said Claiton Castro Júnior, known as Master, former leader of the Guarda Popular fans ge.

Macarrão said his dream was to see the fans singing for Inter: “You drive me crazy.”

— Júnior Master, former leader of the Guarda Popular cheerleader

One day he arrived at Moacir's bar and whistled this Mamonas song. The children had their instruments and began to travel with music. That's where it started. There at the beginning. If Macarrão hadn't whistled the song in the Bar do Moacir, it wouldn't have been written.

1 of 2 Inter fans in BeiraRio Photo: Ricardo Duarte/Disclosure, Internacional Inter fans in BeiraRio Photo: Ricardo Duarte/Divulgação, Internacional

My Red Shirt (Mamonas Assassinas Pelados em Santos)

Inter, we will be with you
You are my passion
No matter what they say
I will always carry with me:
My red shirt
And the cachaça in hand!
The giant is waiting for me
Let the party begin!
You drive me crazy!

The song's success was such that it spread to other stadiums in Brazil and abroad. Fans from Bahia, Ceará, Cruzeiro, Flamengo, Sport and others adapted the parody. For example, fans of Instituto de Córdoba from Argentina, Braga and Sporting from Portugal also have their versions.

The Colorado ode to Pelados em Santos by Mamonas shows the admiration of a famous São Paulo native. Ito Reoli, father of Sergio and Samuel, drummer and bassist respectively, is proud and honored that his children's legacy is still alive 28 years after the accident.

It is very gratifying to receive this affection to this day. Knowing that people are happy for the boys is really good.

— Seu Ito, father of the members of Mamonas, at ge

2 of 2 Brazil has lost the band that was very successful in the 90s: Mamonas Assassinas Photo: Divulgação Brazil has lost the band that was very successful in the 90s: Mamonas Assassinas Photo: Divulgação

The Reoli patriarch passed on his love of music and football to his children. The instruments always accompanied him. Whether viola, guitar or accordion. He ended up forming a country duo and recording four CDs. It wasn't difficult for Sérgio, the eldest of the brothers, to fall in love and try his hand at music at the age of nine.

Seu Ito also passed on his love for São Paulo to the duo. They went to Morumbi together. Today, at 84, he prefers watching it on television. If Tricolor Paulista makes the heart beat faster, Inter have won a generous helping of admiration.

The singing of the Inter fans gives me great joy he added.

March 2 always has its moments of lament. At the same time, it brings back memories and nostalgic memories of a band that brought joy to different generations. The Brazilian's passion for football will keep the Mamonas Assassinas legacy alive.