Renascer The meeting between Jose Inocencio and Santinha repeats

“Renascer : The meeting between José Inocêncio and Santinha repeats the charm of the first version of the soap opera

And that day, during Bumba Meu Boi's visit to his farm, José Inocêncio (Leonardo Vieira / Humberto Carrão) saw Maria Santa (Patrícia França / Duda Santos) for the first time.

“Reborn” It has only just been published and already shows that it will make history. This is because it is not just another remake. We are talking about a new version with the same DNA as the original version. At the end, Bruno Luperi He has already shown that he knows how to rewrite one of his grandfather's works like no other. Benedito Ruy Barbosa. This has already been proven in “Pantanal”, a success in its two versions.

Renascer: Remember the original opening of the soap opera

To warm the heart, Ofuxico brought together the same moment of action in its two versions, 1993 and 2024.

Bumba my boi

In lands where culture is danced and sung, Bumba meu boi was born, a living expression of Brazilian folklore, colored by the colors of a people's soul. This celebration takes place in every corner of Brazil, weaving a tapestry of music and dance, where history comes to life and bodies speak the language of tradition.

Venâncio beats Santinha. Watch the scene from the original version of the soap opera

Bumba meu boi is folk art, a reliquary of stories and rhythms, guarded by UNESCO and IPHAN as treasures of humanity and Brazil. A survivor of persecution, it emerges as a cry for liberation from black heritage, a song that defied the shadows from 1861 to 1868.

Between legends and realities, this dance dates back to the 18th century in the Northeast, where the ox was a symbol of strength and wealth. At this stage of life, father Francisco and mother Catirina play the main roles in the legend. She was pregnant and longed for the taste of the ox's tongue. He, an immeasurable love, sacrificed the noblest ox to satisfy his desire. But from death comes life, the ox is reborn, and with him joy breaks out in jubilation and forgives the couple in love.

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Bumba meu boi has many names throughout Brazil: BoiBumbá, Boi de Reis, BoiSurubi, BoiCalemba, Rancho de Boi and many others. Every name is a window into a rich and diverse culture.

In the dance of Bumba meu boi, humans and mythical creatures intertwine in an act of death and resurrection. This festival, reminiscent of medieval Christmas carols, is a dialogue between good and evil, a celebration that echoes like the sound of an ox horn.


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