reporter cries after receiving alleged message from late grandmother

reporter cries after receiving alleged message from late grandmother

Journalist Mateus Luz, a reporter for the program É de Casa (Globo), was touched when he came into contact with his late grandmother during a report on ghostly apparitions shown on Saturday (13 May) in the Copan building in São Paulo. A ghost hunter who took part in the program surprised the journalist by describing features and conveying an alleged message from his grandmother.

Two specialists from the group “Caça Fantasmas Brasil” accompanied the reporter on his visit to the Copan one of them is the paranormal investigator Rosa Maria Jaques, who has sensed the presence and conversation with ghosts since she was six years old. During the report, residents reported apparitions of figures and spirits in the building, which she gradually revealed and described.

Rosa also explained the difference between spirit and spirit: the former has the materialization, while the latter, in her words, seems to “deliver the message”. Before the recording was finished, the journalist experienced what he describes as a “little surprise” with one of the messages identified by Rosa. “She was describing my grandmother,” said Luz. “It’s surreal. We don’t know where it came from, but she described it to my grandmother. It’s pretty crazy.”

So the footage captures the moment when Rosa asked the reporter, “You lost someone not that long ago, didn’t you?” to which he nodded in agreement. “And that person looked at you with so much affection, with so much love,” added the ghostbuster, who also mimicked the journalist’s grandmother’s laugh. “She’s here too.

But she just came to say, ‘Don’t be afraid, I’ll protect you.’” Rosa still appears in the report, speaking to the reporter’s grandmother while he cries in the background. “Did you think he was handsome?” “Yeah, he’s a really handsome guy,” said the paranormal investigator.