1667435726 reporter faints live in newspaper

reporter faints live in newspaper

This Wednesday (2) a Globo reporter passed out live during her appearance on the local newspaper. Vanessa Medeiros, a journalist from TV Tribuna, the subsidiary of Carioca channel in Baixada Santista, was speaking about the shooting on José Menino hill in Santos (SP) when he was feeling sick. The communicator was just giving information to the public when she put her hand on her head, apologized for her discomfort and fell to the ground.

“Sorry guys, I’m not feeling well,” the reporter said before passing out. At this point, the cameras turned to the studio, where the presenter warned that the journalist was feeling ill. “We had a … Vanessa felt bad at the end,” the host said. It didn’t take long for the public to comment on the event on social media.

“I was watching the newspaper here in Guarujá, the reporter, live, I felt nauseous and fainted…” wrote a viewer. “Brother the reporter from my town newspaper fainted live it looked like this meme of this player fainted mid interview,” another person commented. “The reporter was live doing a report and passed out…Mds, I got the biggest fright! I hope she’s okay.”

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Video: Globo reporter faints live in newspaper

O On the screen contacted the newspaper’s editorial board to find out about Vanessa’s health. After the malaise caused by a drop in pressure, she is fine. The professional left the scene conscious and was taken to the emergency room in Santos, where she is being treated.

Watch the fainting video:


In addition to the Globo reporter, journalists fall ill live in a newspaper

In the past few months, other communications professionals have also become nauseous in front of the screen. In September, presenter Anne Barretto fainted live while hosting a debate between candidates for the Pernambuco government on TV Jornal, a subsidiary of SBT in the Northeast. Also the presenter, the presenter Eduardo Ericeira from Jornal da TV Difusora, a subsidiary of SBT in Maranhão, got sick live.

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