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Roberta Bruzzone: “I confirm the contempt of Francesca Barra, with this tone I have not committed a crime”

Roberta Bruzzone answered Claudio Santamaria and Francesca Barra. He then explained that he was the victim of a “campaign of defamation and persecution” by those who circulated the audios he sent in private chats.

Roberta Bruzzone I confirm the contempt of Francesca Barra with

in the last hours Claudius Santamaria he accused Roberta Bruzzone that he questioned his wife’s miscarriage Frances Barra. The actor’s outburst would have been the result of a private audio from the criminologist that would have been circulated online. Roberta Bruzzone responded to Santamaria, both on social networks and in an interview with MowMag.

Roberta Bruzzone answers Claudio Santamaria and Francesca Barra

Taking to Instagram, Roberta Bruzone explained that the audio in question dates back four years. He spoke of “a disturbing campaign of persecution” which he believed was being organized against him by those who circulated strictly private vowels. Regarding Claudio Santamaria and Francesca Barra, he commented:

Instead of contacting me directly (and it certainly wouldn’t have been difficult…), they offered to fuel the hate campaign against me (knowing full well that I have nothing to do with distributing such private audios), just because, privately and confidentially I expressed my contempt for both at this point. Disappointed that what I saw today only increases. Who knows how many of you privately lash out at those who don’t feel particularly compassionate. I think it’s a very common practice. So this outcry stinks for miles of hypocrisy. Contributing to a persecution campaign is something else entirely. Maybe it’s good for someone to explain the difference in due places.

He believes he is the victim of a campaign of defamation and persecution

In an interview with MowMag, Roberta Bruzzone cleared up the audio that someone circulated. She explained that they came from a private conversation between her and the man she believes is behind a “campaign of defamation and persecution” against her. On the content of the vowels he added:

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These are private conversations, there is no slander. I could say anything Sure, hearing them will also be uncomfortable for the people I’m talking about, but that’s not the point. I repeat: I do not have a good opinion of Francesca Barra, but I have not reported it publicly, I expressed it privately on Whatsapp four years ago. Also during a chat in which the interlocutor spoke badly about Francesca Barra. She is not a friend of mine, not someone I work with or have ever worked with. Those won’t be pretty words, but that’s my thought.

And he concluded: “I have committed no crime”. Since the audio also concerned Chico Forti, he took the opportunity to clarify his thoughts on the case as well: “I certainly don’t think he’s a murderer. But I’ve said several times, including publicly, that I’m afraid he’s stupid and that he’s confided in the wrong people. Including attorney Tacopina, whom he has continued to assist. Considering this was a conversation from four years ago, I would say the facts proved me right.”