1664807609 Rosana Says She May Retire After Criticism They Attack Me

Rosana Says She May Retire After Criticism: ‘They Attack Me More Than They Accept’

The singer Rosana (68), owner of hits from the 8 years like “Nenhum Toque”, “O Amor eo Poder”, theme of Jocasta (Vera Fischer) in “Mandala” (1987), was able to end her career, among other things.

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All after his participation in the “Lip Sync” segment of “Domingão com Huck” in which he starred alongside actress Deborah Secco on October 25. After appearing in the Sunday attraction, Rosana has been the target of very malicious attacks and criticism online regarding her appearance.

Annoyed, she said in response to a post on Sunday that she could retire.

“My farewell. Since they attack me more than accept me, I say goodbye. I sincerely thank all the people who have supported me in this artistic journey,” he wrote in a comment on a post on Instagram.

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Post by singer Rosana, in response to a commentPost by singer Rosana in response to a comment ​​Photo: Reproduction Instagram @rosanacantoraoficial

Rosana even posted a photo next to the presenter but later deleted it due to the many attacks she received and promises not to let things go with a lawsuit against those who attacked her.

Rosana alongside Luciano Huck on the day she competed in Domingão with HuckRosana next to Luciano Huck, on the day she took part in Domingão with Huck Photo: Reproduction Instagram @rosanacantoraoficial

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