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Sad Loss: Pantanal actor stricken down by overwhelming illness at age 31

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03.10.2022 11:14

Not everyone knows, but an overwhelming illness took over from the actor wetland at the age of 31. His death took place in 1992, two years after the first version was broadcast on the French TV.

The artist’s loss shocked the cast and Brazil, as it was due to an illness new to the generation of the time.

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Zaquieu from the former Pantanal died in 1992

Joo Alberto Pinheirowas one of the artists who were part of the ancient Pantanal. In the storyline written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, he brought to life the butler Zaqueu (who was written in the Globo remake Zaquieu and played by Silvero Pereira).

Born in Par, he moved to Rio de Janeiro at the age of 20 to pursue a singing career. With his remarkable voice, Joo Alberto stood out on radio and television. In 1988 he recorded the LP “Luar do Amor” for Continental.

But his fortunes changed when Jayme Monjardim met him and bet on him for the role of Zaqueu. He was still a gossip columnist.

Sadly, Joo Alberto Pinheiro died in 1992, just two years after his success as the butler who fell in love with Alcides (then Angelo Antnio).

At just 31, he lost his battle with liver cancer, meningitis and pneumonia, all problems stemming from the AIDS virus.


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Another Pantanal actor stricken with HIV

Another artist from the 1990s from the Pantanal who died of complications from AIDS wasRubens run. The actor played Deputy Ibraim, a character played by Dan Stulbach in the Globo remake, in the old version.

The veteran died in 1996 at the age of 64.

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