Salinas Pliego replied to a customer that buying in Liverpool

Salinas Pliego replied to a customer that buying in Liverpool was FIFI: ‘BAD thought’

Ricardo Salinas Pliego has become one of the Twitter “Stars”since nothing is saved which is why it reacts directly which has caused it to happen more than once it becomes tenure.

And the other day one of your comments again became a trend on social mediafor what seemed like flattery ended with an offense by the Mexican businessman.

How did the controversy start?

A Twitter user he boasted to Ricardo Salinas Pliego to whom had gone fifi stores (high end) as he was looking for a washing machine but found it in Electrafor which he thanked the shopkeeper.

As a good fifi, I went to the Palacio de Hierro in Liverpool and other places looking for a washing machine for my beach house but they recommended I go to Elektra (Cozumel) to get a good “deal” and the employee Jorge found me an excellent product.”

What did Salinas Pliego answer?

what seemed to be a compliment to your shopended with a derogatory response from the owner of TV Aztecasince he replied that he had done it thought of “poor” Believing that buying from high-end stores made it fifi.

“Being a fifi in Liverpool doesn’t mean buying anything, being a fifi means being smart enough to get rich and not pretending to be. It’s insane.” poor thinking people They want to pretend they’re rich and risk money they don’t have and actually have and need to protect people who don’t care.”