Selvaggia Lucarelli Maneskin Geese for foie gras And he reveals

Selvaggia Lucarelli: «Maneskin? Geese for foie gras.’ And he reveals the background of the tensions between Damiano

«What sincerely remains in the male?”. Like this Wild Lucarelli debuts on the latest episode of his podcast, The contrary. After her resistance to the “Before” of the bands (in which members have sworn eternal allegiance) and defines it as “Farmer», the journalist commented on the road to success with an in-depth analysis.

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Maneskin, the League: “Rome lacks police officers, but the city council uses them to escort singers”. Who ordered it?

Selvaggia Lucarelli against the Maneskins: «What is this cafonata? Is there a culprit behind this bullshit?”

Lucarelli has stretched her hands out and revealed that she was once a huge fan of the band, but now admits she’s changed her mind. The reason? “The feeling is that they are grew up too fast. A growth as fast as that of Gooses for foie gras. They can no longer eat what they want, but are artificially stuffed by the system to end up on our tables».

After winning ateuro vision The life of the band changed dramatically. In 2021, The Maneskin made the decision to step down from their historic manager in order to give their band a more international twist and began achieving a real success that grew in a very short space of time World.

As the journalist reports in her podcast, her music is now taking a back seat: “The bar for too much has risen higher and higher. The tongues, the nude photos, the make-up, the smashed instruments on stage, the liquid kisses, everything has already been seen…”.

The relationship between Victoria and Damiano

Lucarelli then analyzed the rumors of a possible tense relationship between the frontman Damien David and the bassist Victoria DeAngelis. It actually appears that there is an estrangement between the two, which fans have noted for some time: “Her absence from the last few birthday di Damiano substantiates the indiscretion that tells of the lack of feeling between Victoria and his fiancé Giorgia Soleri. Indiscretion in many articles, never denied by the protagonists. There are photos of Berlusconi with a communist, but there is no photo of Victoria with Giorgia Soleri, so it could mean something».

Last updated: Saturday 28 January 2023 12:35 pm