Dinorah Santana What role does the exwife play in Daniel

Dinorah Santana: What role does the exwife play in Daniel Alves’ career? sports

Dinorah Santana, exwife of Daniel Alves, still plays a key role in the life and career of the player, who has been jailed since January 20 after being accused of rape at a Barcelona nightclub.

  • Dinorah met Daniel Alves in 2001, when the rightback played for Bahia. They had a 10year relationship and had two children: Daniel and Vitória.
  • During their relationship, Dinorah Daniels became a career manager. The businesswoman continued in the role in 2011 when the divorce ensued.
  • Dinorah was the main businesswoman until Daniel Alves started working with Fransergio Ferreira Bastos. Dinorah remained Dani’s partner, but Fransergio took over the business of Flash Forward, which looks after Daniel’s career and several other athletes.
  • Dinorah and Fransergio met through Daniel Alves and are currently married. Daniel is a friend of both of them.
  • Flash Forward is still owned by Fransergio Bastos and Dinorah is not officially in the business, although it still contributes to the company’s daytoday operations. Tiago Ribeiro became Fransergio’s partner in the group.

forward group

Flash Forward is an agency company for athletes but the group has other diverse activities and all with current or former involvement of Daniel Alves, Dinorah Santana and Fransergio Bastos.

  • Daniel Alves is also a partner with Dinorah Santana at Flash Forward Music, an artistfocused company. Fransergio Bastos was a partner and left the company in 2020.
  • Dinorah is Fransergio’s partner at Flash Forward, a company with no current connection to Daniel.
  • Dani Alves was a partner of Dinorah and Fransergio in Flash Forward Investimentos e Participações, but Dani and Dinorah left the company in 2020.
  • Daniel was Dinorah’s partner at Flash Forward Sports and Events, but Dinorah left the company in April 2022.

other business

Flash Forward Investimentos e Participações acquired 20% of Votuporanguense in 2019. The company left in March 2022. The club is currently in the Série A3 des Campeonato Paulista.

Encouraged by the contribution of Daniel Alves, Dinorah Santana bought Catalan club Sant Andreu in 2014, acquiring 96.23% of the shares. The club owed nine months’ wages and were in the third division. The endeavor ended in 2015 without success. Sant Andreu is playing in the fourth division today.

defense of the process

Dinorah Santana chose Daniel Alves’ first defender, but the decision displeased the athlete’s family, friends and some of the staff. Miraida Puente Wilson is a more generalist specialist lawyer who does not specialize in criminal law. She works with bureaucracies on foreign visas, income taxes and family matters.

Dinorah won the arm wrestling match and her trusted attorney was brought in to defend Dani Alves, but Cristóbal Martell was brought in to reinforce the team. He is a criminalist and has worked on many media cases in Spain. One of the examples is Messi’s defense when the Argentine was accused of tax evasion.

Dani would never do that [estupro]. I’ve known him for 22 years. It feels like a nightmare and it’s not happening.”
Dinorah Santana, to Telecinco.

More time

The Spanish court has extended the deadline for Daniel Alves’ defense to appeal and demand that the player respond to the rape charge at liberty.

  • Daniel Alves’ lawyers gained five more days submit the appeal.
  • According to information from UOL for players’ representatives, as the weekend is not on the account, the new deadline is next Thursday 2 February;
  • The deadline has been extended due to the change in the team who defends the player;
  • He was initially placed in Brians 1 Penitentiary Center on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​but was eventually transferred to Brians 2 for security reasons;
  • Daniel Alves denies all allegations but has changed his version of events at least three times

“I want jail, not money”

In an exclusive interview with UOLthe victim’s lawyer, Ester García López, revealed that the woman wants Daniel Alves arrested and is not making any money from the case.

She looked at me and said, “Ester, I’m lucky to have good living conditions and I don’t want compensation, I want jail”. I told her she was entitled, even though she didn’t want to, but she was blunt. ‘If it’s severance, I’m not hiring you.’

According to the lawyer, the woman is undergoing psychiatric treatment., and used antivirals to avoid sexually transmitted infections as Daniel Alves, still according to Ester, would not have used a condom during the rape. The lawyer’s biggest challenge was distancing the woman from the news. “We’re trying to preserve it at all costs.”

How to report sexual violence

Victims of sexual violence do not have to report the medical and psychological care in the public health system, but the forensic examination can only be carried out with a report. The investigation can point to evidence that will assist law enforcement during a judicial proceeding and can be conducted at any time after the crime has been committed. However, since this is evidence that can disappear, it is recommended that it be as close to the date of the crime as possible.

In blatant cases of sexual violence, the military police number 190 is the best number to call and report the attack. Military police officers on patrol can also be called. Ligue 180 also takes complaints, but not cases, of domestic violence and directs and refers the best reception service in the victim’s town. The service can also be activated via WhatsApp (61) 996565008.

Legally, rape victims can go to any OB/GYN hospital to take medication to prevent sexually transmitted infections, receive psychological care, and legally terminate the pregnancy. In practice, not all hospitals provide care. For abortions, check out the units that really help rape victims on this page.