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Shakira even left Piqué on the airliner: he made the bear

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The former Spanish soccer player was traveling to Italy and passengers were surprised to see him on board.


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May 13, 2023 6:47 p.m. M

The relationship between the Colombian singer Shakira and the ex-soccer player from Barcelona, Gerard Pique, continues to be the talk of the town, with every indication that the Spaniard is, well, getting worse after his relationship with Clara Chía He was seen hard to stop on his journey to the city of Milan, Italy.

It turns out that Piqué boarded a low-cost plane or better known as the low-cost airline, where the historic footballer from Barcelona looked a bit awkward and pouting so as not to be recognized.


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However, his presence did not go unnoticed and a passenger captured the moment Gerard Piqué approached him to collect his luggage. Also, another person approached him and asked for a photo, to which the player agreed but seemed a bit uncomfortable.

Likewise, the person who published the famous video of Piqué on the cheap flight did not hesitate to remember the singer from Barranquilla and mentioned in a mocking tone that they had left him very badly. “It wasn’t a private jet like Shakira’s, nor was it a first-class flight. It was a humble trip by Vueling, a low-cost airline that ran from Barcelona to Milan.”

Why Piqué traveled to Milan without Clara Chía and with an airline that is unusual for footballers with so much money is not yet known exactly.