1676883982 Shark attacks and kills tourist in Noumea bathers flee beach

Shark attacks and kills tourist in Nouméa: bathers flee, beach evacuated

A 59-year-old tourist was attacked and killed by a shark while swimming near the famous Chateau Royal beach in New Caledonia: the entire area was closed and bathers fled.

Archive image.

Archive image.

An Australian-born tourist has died after being attacked by a shark new caledonia, in the Pacific Ocean. The tragedy happened yesterday, Sunday, February 19, near the crowded beach Noumea which was closed after the sacrifice, 59 years oldwas recovered and brought ashore.

The man was swimming near his boat about 150 meters from the beach in the capital, Nouméa, when he shark She attacked him and bit him several times, authorities said. The alarm was raised by two people who were on board one jet ski and that they saw the scene. They loaded him up and took him to the beach where rescue services attempted to rescue him.

But in the end, despite the extension of the deadline, I was only able to declare death massage Heart: he had serious injuries at the leg and both arms.

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Many people were in the water at the time and witnessed the attack on the beach Chateau Royal. The bathers left the area in panic and the police evacuated the area that will remain closed until further notice”.

It was the city’s mayor, Sonia Lagarde, who ordered this, along with catching tiger sharks and bull sharks in nearby waters with the help of drones. The search was called off before dark. In the meantime it has also been opened a request to clarify the circumstances of the attack, which took place in an area patrolled by lifeguards.

However, it is not the first time such an incident has happened in New Caledonia: a 49-year-old man was also seriously injured by a shark near Chateau-Royal beach last month. A surfer was attacked by a shark a few days later but escaped unharmed.

New Caledonia is south of Vanuatu and 1,200 km (750 miles) east of Australia. He ranks thirteenth in the world for Total number of shark attacksaccording to the Florida Museum of Natural History, which has been tracking attacks by these specimens around the world since 1958.