Selena Gomez Responds to Weight Criticism Im Not a Model

Selena Gomez Responds to Weight Criticism: ‘I’m Not a Model’

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES.- After several criticisms of her physical appearance, the singer Selena Gomez She decided to respond to the allegations about her weight on her TikTok account by affirming that she is not a model.

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In the live video made by the former Disney star, she explained that the reason her body has undergone a very noticeable physical change is because of the medication she’s taking for the lupus she suffers from.

“When I take it, I usually retain a lot of fluids, and when I stop taking the meds I tend to lose all that weight…that’s what usually happens to me,” he said on the show.

Just as she spoke about mental health care in her documentary, My mind and me, the singer wanted to send a message to everyone who is going through a situation similar to hers.

“I just want to encourage anyone who is ashamed of what they are going through. Nobody knows our real stories. I just want people to know that you are beautiful and wonderful. Yes, we have days when we might feel down, but I prefer to be healthy and take care of myself. My medication is important and I think it’s helping me,” he said.

That’s why Gómez responded to the criticism: “I’m not a model, I never will be. I think they’re amazing, but I’m nothing like that. Thank you for supporting and understanding me. If you don’t support me then walk away because I don’t approve of body shaming.”


After battling lupus for several years and even receiving a kidney transplant from Honduran Francia Raisa, the singer has decided to develop projects like her makeup line rare beauty with the aim of helping those who are suffering because of their physical appearance.

In a 2020 interview for Cosmopolitan, he mentioned that his illness caused a lot of fluctuations in his weight.

“I had to learn to take the comments philosophically and not give this matter more importance than it has,” he said on the occasion.

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