Social decay in Uruguay confirmed by the Frente Amplio

Social decay in Uruguay, confirmed by the Frente Amplio

The former Director of the Planning and Budget Office said that if the Frente Amplio (FA) wins the next election, it will have to take “immediate measures” to combat food insecurity and child poverty.

“We will see what situation we are in in a few months when the government plan has to be drawn up. But social decay will undoubtedly require some emergency measures from March 1, 2025,” said García, who serves as president of the FA Program Commission.

In an interview with La Diaria, he assured that during the years of government of President Luis Lacalle Pou there was an “increase in poverty in all age groups”. “When it comes to hunger, we must ensure the nutrition of all our children,” he stressed.

He recognized that the current government generated economic growth but increased inequality.

He criticized the executive's financial policies, which he said were financed by cuts in salaries and pensions as well as cuts in public investments.

“The president promised that he would not put his hand in the pockets of Uruguayans, and he did,” he explained, stressing that the majority of the population is worse off, with “significant economic and social deteriorations.”

Álvaro Díaz said that “the president’s theory of governing for the poor,” with the assumption that they would stimulate the economy and then there would be social benefits, “did not happen.”