1706118390 Sophie Gregoire confides in Janette Bertrand about her breakup

Sophie Grégoire confides in Janette Bertrand about her breakup | Hollywoodpq.com – HollywoodPQ

Sophie Gregoire, who shared the life of the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Married for many years and with three adult children, she recently announced her separation.

It was during his appearance on the show Oncewhere she had the opportunity to interview the greats Janette Bertrandthat she had to make a very special clarification about this break.

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A meeting between the two ladies that was supposed to be moving and in which Sophie confided in the love that still existed between her and Justin.

When Janette revealed that several couples in her life had faced separation and that there was a second chance afterwards, especially the idea of ​​meeting someone new, Sophie wanted to clarify something important.

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“But, you know, we still love each other!”, testifies the former lover of Justin Trudeau of this love that, as we understand, is supposed to be more friendly.

“(…) but the second chance, you know what you don't want (…) And usually second connections are more serious than the first, deeper than the first, because we know more about yourself,” Janette adds. However, with caution when it comes to Sophie.

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A beautiful moment!

Remember that former lovers continue to travel and communicate together for their children.

A good example for many.