Three months late HBO Max already has a death date

Three months late, HBO Max already has a death date in Brazil; Find out when TV

Warner Bros. Discovery announced this Wednesday (24) the date on which HBO Max will cease to exist in Brazil. The platform's content will join that of “discovery+” in a new streaming called “Max” from February 27th. The change came in the United States in May last year and was supposed to be implemented here by November, but initial plans faced a threemonth delay.

When the company announced the change in April 2023, JB Perrette, head of streaming at WBD, explained the decision to drop HBO from the new platform's name. “HBO is not television. HBO is HBO and it has to stay that way, so let's privilege it in the product experience and also not push it to the limit by forcing it to take on the full breadth of that content offering if we had that.” “We have maintaining the brand on behalf of the service,” he explained.

Max will include content from the soontobedefunct HBO Max and Discovery+. However, the latter continues to exist separately and can be used by its subscribers at a cheaper price.

How much does it cost to subscribe to Max?

Warner Bros. Discovery has published the values ​​for the plans for the new platform. There are three subscription options with prices ranging from R$29.90 to R$55.90 per month. Checkout:

  • Basic plan with advertising R$29.90 per month or R$225.90 annually: content in Full HD resolution and two simultaneous screens.
  • Standard plan R$39.90 per month or R$357.90 annually: Content in Full HD resolution, up to 30 downloads for offline viewing and two simultaneous screens.
  • Platinum plan R$ 55.90 per month or R$ 477.90 annually: content in Full HD or 4K resolution and with Dolby Atmos sound, up to 100 downloads for offline viewing and four simultaneous screens.

What about those who are already subscribers?

Anyone who subscribes to HBO Max will have access to Max from launch. Current features and pricing will be maintained for a limited time, as will current promotions.

The company also promises that settings and browsing history will be preserved after migration. In some cases, the application updates automatically, but depending on the device, the user may need to download the new platform.