A 17 year old driver dies in a violent collision

Street Rage: Two fathers try to kill each other and reach out to each other’s daughter

Two fathers took the concept of road rage to another level by trying to kill each other by shooting at each other, each hitting the other’s daughter. However, only the second person to open fire is charged with a bottle of water.

The incredible story, revealed Tuesday by USA Today, happened in Florida last October.

William Hale, 36, and Frank Allison, 44, were each returning home with their families after encountering problems along the way, according to the newspaper’s police investigation. If versions differ on how the conflict began, the two men admitted to having multiplied the dangerous maneuvers against each other, multiplying the accelerations and sudden braking while trying to cut each other.

The conflict escalated until Hale decided to throw a water bottle from his vehicle at Allison’s.

In retaliation, Frank Allison grabbed a pistol and opened fire on William Hale’s vehicle, hitting his 5-year-old daughter in the leg instead. Hale, who also had a gun handy, fired seven or eight times. One of the bullets hit Allison’s 14-year-old daughter in the back.

Both children were taken to hospital but survived their injuries.

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One charged, one released

Both men were arrested after the shooting and were due to be charged. However, after investigation, authorities concluded that only one of the two deserved the attempted murder charge.

Under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” statute — a statute that establishes the right to use “reasonable force” in self-defense — authorities believe the water bottle thrown by William Hale gave Frank Allison a sufficient right to retaliate, by opening fire.

“There was liquid in the water bottle, and [Hale] threw it maliciously to enter the Allison’s vehicle and possibly hit one of the occupants. This qualifies the bottle as a lethal missile,” Assistant District Attorney Roth Huband said in an order shared with USA Today.

“William Hale’s actions justify Frank Allison’s use of deadly force,” he added.

The first father, who opened fire, will therefore not be charged, while the second faces multiple charges, including three of attempted murder.