Surprising result: Popular holiday destination ranked as most dangerous country in Europe

01/21/2024 10:19 (current 01/21/2024 10:19)

The most dangerous countries in Europe. ©Canva

According to a current ranking by research company Numbeo, a popular tourist destination is surprisingly ranked as the most unsafe country in Europe.

Surprising results in the European safety ranking

According to the latest research from research company Numbeo, France is at the top of the list of the most dangerous countries in Europe. Belarus, Belgium, Sweden and Italy follow in the assessment, which takes into account both objective data on crime and subjective perceptions of security.

Hazard Assessment Criteria

The classification is based on several criteria, including the frequency of break-ins, robberies and attacks. Corruption and bribery were also included as factors in the assessment.

Austria's position

In this ranking, Austria occupies 31st place among 42 European countries considered. Countries such as Slovenia, Estonia, Monaco and Switzerland are highlighted as particularly safe.

Global perspective

In a global context, Venezuela tops the list of the most insecure countries, followed by Papua New Guinea, Afghanistan, Haiti and South Africa. According to research by Numbeo, the safest country in the world is Qatar.