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One of the most famous foods around the world is this Swiss chocolate, which, as the name suggests, is made in Switzerland. The place is considered one of the oldest manufactories in the world and maintains a tradition in the preparation of sweets.

Chocolate makers in Switzerland are known for their smooth and creamy texture with unique taste and use a number of very advanced techniques to get the best out of the sweets. And that’s not all, because Swiss chocolates are considered great works of art because of their shapes.

But did you know that it can have a higher price? Why is this happening? Let us explain it to you right away and look at all the details.

Why is Swiss chocolate so expensive?  what are your ingredientsPhoto: La Alegria de Comer/Reproduction

Why is Swiss chocolate so much more expensive?

There are people who are afraid of the price of a small piece of chocolate imported from Switzerland, simply because it can be very expensive. However, there are some explanations for this that even justify the price of food.

Firstly, because Swiss chocolate has a long manufacturing tradition as Switzerland is known for making the candy so well. In addition, it is known for its rich taste, high quality and great texture.

Swiss chocolate is based on: sugar, milk powder, cocoa mass and cocoa butter. However, depending on the recipe, the ingredients vary between nuts, vanilla, dried fruit and more.

Given these facts and the fact that a high cocoa content of 30 to 90% is used, the price of Swiss chocolate can increase significantly. But there is another point that confirms this increase in value.

The belief in the high quality of this special food through the use of artisanal techniques and the fact that the cost of living is much higher in Switzerland are factors that increase the value of the candy.

However, there are some brands that are more affordable and can still provide a great chocolate experience. So stay tuned!

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