Syria, 53 civilians killed by Isis in Palmyra area

The death toll in the attack in central Syria attributed to IS has risen to 53 people, according to reports from the National Observatory for Human Rights in Syria. The attack took place near Sokhne near the city of Palmyra in central Syria.

According to the Observatory, 7 of the 53 victims are government soldiers, including an officer from the Damascus army. The other 46 are civilians from the Sukhne region. The observatory says there is a military base of pro-Iranian Iraqi militias, government allies, in the area. And there is also a natural gas production site controlled by pro-Tehran forces. (

Four US soldiers were injured in an attack on IS in Syria. That’s what the Pentagon says.

The four American soldiers were injured in an explosion during a raid that killed one of the IS leaders, Hamza al-Homsi. “Four US soldiers and a service dog were injured last night in a joint operation with the Syrian Democratic Forces,” Centcom Central Command said in a statement.

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