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Posted on 02/17/2023 21:01

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On February 3rd, a train derailed in Ohio, USA. Flammable toxic products leaked from the gutted wagons, which caused an explosion. The first readings fell on February 16 and while they are reassuring, concern is spreading among local residents.

A huge plume of toxic smoke: This is the result of the explosion that Ohio residents were exposed to after a train derailed on February 3rd. The barrels being transported contained vinyl chloride, a flammable carcinogen used in the manufacture of plastic. The first readings fell on February 16th. The head of the US Environmental Protection Agency says: “Since the fire was put out, our agency has not identified any air pollution of concern.”

water victims of pollutionBut citizens are concerned. 3,500 fish have died in a river since the train derailed. “Look at all the chemicals in the river, it’s disgusting!” protested one mayor. The White House assures that the file will be closely followed. Water pollution analyzes are ongoing and an investigation has been launched to determine the causes of the train derailment.

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