Taylor Swift Is a Victim of AI Pornography and Fans

Taylor Swift Is a Victim of AI Pornography and Fans Report a Crime; understand

Taylor Swift is another public figure who has fallen victim to fake pornography. Explicit photos of the American singer created using artificial intelligence (AI) circulated on social media this Thursday (25), causing the term “Protect Taylor Swift” to trend on Twitter (X). The tag was created by fans to identify users who share criminal photos and report them together. In Brazil, the law punishes anyone who manipulates or distributes thirdparty sexual content, even if it is fake. Next, understand the case and how to report it.

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1 of 1 Taylor Swift Is a Victim of AI Pornography and Fans Report a Crime; understand Photo: Reproduction/Disney+ Taylor Swift is a victim of AI pornography and fans report a crime; understand Photo: Reproduction/Disney+

This Thursday (25), fans of the singer Taylor Swift were frightened when they opened social media and came across pornographic photos of the artist. The images created by the AI ​​depict sexual scenes and were shared on Twitter (X) by various users and bots which are not disclosed in this article. The social network even removed some of the criminal content, but this was not enough to contain the attacks.

In response to the illegal practice of these netizens, Taylor Swift fans created the tag “Protect Taylor Swift,” which was added to Twitter trends. The term is used to identify the Internet users who share the images. After recognizing this, the “Swifties” report the content together so that it is removed from the platform.

To report a tweet, you need to select the three dots and then select the “Report Post” option. Then just follow the path “Abuse and Harassment” → “Next” → “Unwanted Sexual Content or Graphic Objectification” → “Send”.

Manipulating and sharing sexual photos with AI is a crime in Brazil

Creating or manipulating a photo using artificial intelligence for pornographic purposes is a crime in Brazil and is punishable by a prison sentence and a fine. Furthermore, simply sharing fake images is also illegal. See Articles 216B and 218C of Legislative Decree No. 2,848.

  • 216B: Produce, photograph, film or record content containing nude scenes or sexual or libidinal acts of an intimate and private nature without the permission of the participants (…). The same penalty applies to anyone who creates a photo, video, audio or other recording with the aim of involving a person in a nude scene or an intimate sexual or libidinal act. Imprisonment from six months to one year and a fine.
  • 218C: Offer, exchange, make available, transmit, sell or offer for sale, distribute, by any means, including mass communications or computer or telematic systems, any photographic, video or other audiovisual recording containing a rape scene publish or distribute or condone or encourage rape of a vulnerable person or any such act, or, without the consent of the victim, a sex scene, nudity or pornography. Prison sentence of one to five years.

Protect Taylor Swift: Fans mobilize to report AImanipulated photos

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