1706392345 Tennis Clothing A local SME wants to compete with Lacoste

Tennis Clothing: A local SME wants to compete with Lacoste and Boss

The new clothing line that the Canadian team will wear at the next Davis Cup and Cup Billie Jeans king is manufactured by a local SME that wants to compete with Lacoste and Boss.

Psycho Bunny, headquartered in Montreal, just signed a three-year deal with Tennis Canada. The clothing of the men's and women's teams for the various international tournaments is designed in Quebec by the company's 200 employees.

In addition, the latter will also dress ball chasers and officials during the National Bank Open tournaments held annually in Montreal and Toronto.

“This is a prestigious partnership for us. “This is very important,” says Anna Martini, president and CEO of Psycho Bunny. Bertrand Cesvet [directeur exécutif du marketing et cofondateur de Sid Lee]who is very interested in tennis, had the idea of ​​joining forces with this sport.

“We knew Tennis Canada was evaluating its options because their agreement with Fila had expired.”

Tennis Clothing: A local SME wants to compete with Lacoste and Boss



The directors of Psycho Bunny pulled out all the stops to win the game.

“We are well positioned and experiencing strong growth in Quebec,” adds Ms. Martini. We have products that are both bold and stylish.

“We are also taking a bold approach with the rabbit on our logo. Tennis Canada officials believed this would bring something interesting to the sport of tennis. It’s important for us to invest in sport.”

In addition to the corporate agreement, men's team captain Frank Dancevic will be one of Psycho Bunny's ambassadors for the coming years.

Le Journal had the opportunity to exclusively see the new Tennis Canada jerseys. Although Psycho Bunny is known for its eccentric colors, the colors of the maple leaf were of course respected.

Tennis Clothing: A local SME wants to compete with Lacoste and Boss


It's the details where we notice a difference. At the bottom of the coats and sweaters we see one of the clothing brand's signature lines.

Psycho Bunny has no plans to limit himself to tennis in the coming years. Its managers want to launch a line of golf apparel.

Possible expansion

Psycho Bunny was founded in 2005 and has earned a strong reputation in the southern United States (80 stores) and Latin America. The SME then entered Canadian soil with the opening of nine branches, including four in the Toronto region.

The first in Quebec opened its doors in 2022 at the Carrefour Laval.

“The response from consumers has been excellent,” says Anna Martini. We want to open more stores in Quebec.”

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